What to Wear? Look at His Car

In the formative days of dating it can be tough to know how to navigate the waters, particularly when it comes to style. Of course you need to be yourself, but when first dating someone it’s actually good to be yourself but a little bit better. When effort is expended on style it says to your date that the occasion warrants your time and energy. But how to make a choice that will reflect you but also lure the man you’re eyeing?

Aristotelis Bolovinos

One piece of advice: Check out his car.
The type of vehicle he drives and the way he cares for it (or doesn’t) will speak volumes. Check it out:

Pickup Truck
Whether the truck is old or new you’ll most likely be safe choosing a flirty and feminine floral wrap dress with cowboy boots and a jean jacket. A little cleavage can be used to advantage but keep things on the demure side. While getting ready you can put all of the Dixie Chicks records on shuffle and maybe some Taylor Swift, too. Make the makeup subdued with an overall natural effect but play up either the eyes or the lips but not both.

Anything Vintage
No matter what the year, make and model you could do well aiming for the 1950s in terms of style. Either don a retro sundress or play up sharp capris with a crisp button down shirt and then flats or heels, depending on your destination. If you’you’ve got long hair create ringlets and pile into a soft updo or a sassy high pony tail. With the makeup go a little on the pale side but add liquid cat eyes and bright red lipstick. Think Rockabilly and you’ll do fine.

High Performance Sports Car
This one depends on how he treats the car. If it seems as if you’re lucky to be anywhere near his Precious then a first date probably shouldn’t lead to a second. But if he’s cool and also financially loaded, who’s complaining? The car will quickly guide you on this one: go for classic quality if it matches the car – no cheap flip flops and torn jeans unless they set you back a hundred-plus. But if the car’s bright yellow or tricked out then you can go for a flashy and spangly body-skimming number and be fine. Hair can be big but should be touchable or sleek and straight. If the outfit is bold then go for class with just a hint of flash with the makeup, like with just a hint of gold shimmer.

Sensible Selection
If he drives a sensible sedan this can be the most challenging style choice to guess. On one hand you want to appear a little flirtatious and like you’ve tried (and you don’t want to look like a complete Soccer Mom unless that’s his thing) but you might not want to go too over the top, either. Still, those normal looking guys can disguise all number of interesting quirks. The best bet might be to go neutral for the first date (a satin button down with slacks?) and then find out if he owns any of the above cars mentioned and just drives the sedan as his daily driver.

If so, you may have found a keeper – and now you know how to get him.

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  1. Kath Rivera

    January 21, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Wow! Cool post. I never thought of this before. Dressing up for a specific type of vehicle but the idea is great. We only have a sedan so I guess dressing anything that I want would be fine 🙂

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