Top Reasons to Customize Foundation

schools for makeup artists

It’s not easy to be a makeup artist. Whether you work in fashion, production, or special FX, a career in makeup artistry is very competitive. This is why the leading schools for makeup artists teach their students to learn more than just how to apply makeup. It’s important to offer your customers something they can’t get anywhere else. One of the ways a makeup artist can provide customers with more than just makeup application is to custom blend foundation. Here are top reasons to customize foundation for your clients.

schools for makeup artists

Customer Satisfaction

Customer loyalty is important in the makeup industry. A customized foundation means that you can create makeup that matches the exact color and skin type of an individual client. A customized foundation can also be infused with certain benefits, such as an oil control serum or sunscreen. With a product that has been created just for them, customers are more likely to be satisfied with your services and keep coming back for more. You might have learned how to do this at makeup school or special FX makeup school.

Incredible Profit

Want to make more money? Your makeup career might be successful, but you can earn money beyond the ability to apply makeup. You can earn additional income off the products you create. Once you’ve created a product that your client can’t do without, you can sell it to them. Clients love products that are exclusive and will continue to buy it from you as long as you continue to make it. A product that might have cost you $10 to create can be sold for four times as much, and maybe even more

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