Top Jewelry Trends for 2013

The end of 2013 is closing in fast. Which is why we have rounded up the Top Jewelry Trends for 2013. Out of so many types, which one has made it to our list? Do we have your favorite one’s in our top 8? Read on ahead to find out.

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1. Simple Studs: Studs have always been in the limelight. But for the first time in years, simple studded earrings are taking on the spotlight. Just because studs are smaller, doesn’t mean they can’t make a loud statement. Wear studs with an up-do so everyone can see!

2. Bright Colors: For spring 2012, one of the top fashion trends is bright and bold color. Rich and deep hues of yellows, blues, and greens have taken over the runway. Similarly, these rich colors have dominated and translated into the world of jewelry. Stand out this spring with a pop of color!

3. Touch of Gold: Gold lovers and gold buyers, time to bring out your gold jewelry! Silver jewelry has taken reign over the past decade or so. The younger generation has preferred silver to gold because they associate gold to be an “older woman’s” choice of jewelry. But it’s 2012, and the fact of the matter is gold looks great for people of all ages.

4. Geometric Shapes: The Spring and Summer RTW collections had models donned in tribal prints and clean geometric shapes. The look combines an essence of straight lines, symmetry and modernity. This very modern and contemporary look has made its mark on spring 2012 jewelry trends. Go with the minimalist look by pairing your outfit with some geometric shaped earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

5. Classy Pearls: Nothing screams out elegance like a nice set of pearls. Pearls are no longer reserved for Sundays or for the occasional special event. They have become versatile over the years. As always you can dress it up with a nice dress or dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans and button down shirt. Smaller and more delicate pearls are favored over large and over the top pearls.

6. Vintage Jewelry: The obsession with everything vintage can be seen on the streets of New York and other major cities. Fashion gurus love to go on the hunt for the perfect vintage bargains. The appeal of vintage jewelry is its uniqueness and classic appeal. Not only will you love wearing vintage jewelry, but you’ll love the hunt!

7. Hair Accessories: Braided hair is one of the most popular styles for this Spring. Add some flair and color to your hair with some brooches, jewels, floral clips, and so forth. Depending on the effect you want to go for, stick with smaller hair accessories for everyday look, go with more noticeable adornment for special occasions.

8. Sporty Jewelry: It’s time to admit that sportswear is no longer what we wear to the gym to break a sweat. Sportswear has become it’s own fashionable style trend. For great everyday look, look into sporty jewelry. Sporty watches and other accessories are great because they are durable and you can wear it daily.

Did we miss to feature a valuable trend? Let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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