Tips for Wearing a Tuxedo

Many formal events require a man to wear a tuxedo. There are several styles available, and it is important to select one that is appropriate for your body shape. Formal wear that fits well helps to improve your self-confidence and makes a big difference in the overall effect. In addition, you will want to select the appropriate accessories to give the impression of being well-groomed and not that of a little boy wearing his daddy’s suit.

Tips for Wearing a Tuxedo

The tux is different from other styles of formal wear. While, the word tuxedo is sometimes interchanged with the term formal wear, such use is not truly accurate. The true tux includes simple lines, much like that of other men’s suits, but the addition of silk bands to the outside hem of the trouser legs and lapels of the jacket give the tuxedo a more formal look. A morning suit or suit of tales may be appropriate for certain formal events, but the tux is appropriate for any formal event.

When selecting tux rentals, let the associate help you make an appropriate choice. He or she has helped hundreds of others in finding appropriate formal wear and can guide you in the selection of what will look best on you. Double breasted jackets are best for somewhat tall, slim men as they give the look of a fuller chest. Men who are wider in the stomach and chest or shorter do best with a single-breasted tux. Peak lapels on the jacket are considered timeless, providing a sense of style without being a slave to a passing fad.

While tuxes are available in many different colors, basic black is often the best choice for most formal occasion. In some situations, dark blue is an acceptable option. Black and blue are more likely to convey maturity that is appropriate for the formal occasion. Leave the colors other than black or blue to the teens.

The shirt you wear with your formal tux should be a crisp white. Many men look great in a wing collar, but the turn-down collar is a good choice if you need to direct attention away from the neck. Shirts with French cuffs help to provide an elegant touch that differs from the normal dress shirt one might choose with an ordinary suit.

The tux demands the right accessories. Accentuate the shirt with a cummerbund. A bow tie and handkerchief of matching colors work well. If in doubt, the accessories should match the jacket and trousers. The buttons on the front of the shirt may be covered using button studs, if you so desire. Choose cuff links to match rings and the wristwatch you will wear for the occasion to unify the look. Socks should also match the trousers.

The best choice for shoes to accompany tux rentals needs to remain simple. Black lace-up shoes made of patent leather, matching the tuxedo are the best choice. They help to maintain a unified look for the individual and prevent any sudden changes in color for the outfit.

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