Things to Know About Highlights

Things to Know About Highlights

Highlights are an easy and fun way to add dimension to your hair. They can make a huge difference in your appearance and are a nice way to change things up a bit, especially when the weather starts to get warmer. Here are some things you can expect from hair highlights.

Things to Know About Highlights

Brighter Complexion

Get a few highlights around your face if you want to brighten your complexion. It’s a great way to welcome summer and really sets off a nice tan. Plus, simply adding a few highlights in this manner is budget-friendly.

Make Eyes Pop

If you have beautiful eyes and really want to feature them, add highlights to your bangs or around the forehead. Your newly lightened hair will draw attention to those gorgeous peepers.

Look Younger

Highlights really do bring out the glow of a complexion. They also take the eye away from tiny skin imperfections and can help to hide gray. Consider them your secret weapon against the signs of time.

Add Dimension

Hair can begin to look dull with age. In addition, one-tone hair color can sometimes look too harsh or overpowering. Highlights add texture and dimension, giving you an instant lift. Just be sure to add the correct tone. If your hair and skin are have a warm undertone, go with warm highlights. The same rule applies for cool tones.

As you can see, highlights are a fabulous, inexpensive and quick way to make a huge change in your appearance. Be sure to consult a professional like the ones at when deciding to go for the radiance of highlights.

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