7 Ways To Style And Accessorise The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a must have for every woman’s closet. Considered a classic wardrobe item, the perfect evening dress needs accessories to make it come alive. The difference between a boring black dress and a fun entertaining one often comes down to the extras worn with it. Think of your cheap evening dresses as a blank canvas, waiting for your artistic touch.

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1. Outerwear.

Add outerwear to your black dress look. Wear a bolero, shawl or shrug to add a touch of class and variety. Consider the length of the dress and sleeve details when choosing your outerwear, for example, a long sleeve dress can look better with a jacket. Don’t shy away from colors, however using a black outerwear and all black accessories might not work. Opt for adding the same color with another accessory to make the look seem complete. Play with different fabrics and textures. A silk dress does not have to be paired with silk. Try on the accessory to ensure it is the perfect match for your little black dress.

2. Jewelry.

Should we wear a necklace, what color should earrings be, is a necklace even appropriate with a black dress? Is it better to wear gold or silver? Do these questions sound familiar? The perfect black dress needs the perfect jewelry and your choice depends on the dress style and the occasion, For a vintage look, choose a pearl necklace. For a modern look a beaded necklace adds a touch of originality. Fashion experts often consider gold for evening wear and silver for daytime occasions. Consider the neckline of the dress when choosing your necklace. Then again, your earrings may be the focal point and a necklace takes away from the wanted effect. Jewelry is meant to be fun so enjoy accessorizing your black dress.

3. Belts.

Wearing a black belt with a black dress doesn’t add anything so go for color, gold or silver. A colored leather belt or chained belt looks great, depending on other accessories and the event the black dress is attending. Consider different lengths as well, a dangling belt might just add a more modern, edgy appeal to your perfect little black dress.

4. Clutch purse or evening bag.

Carry a larger clutch or purse for the daytime brunch effect. Play with colors and styles to get the perfect look. For a more classic look, paring your dress with a metallic gray or gold is a great idea, especially if you wear matching shoes.

5. Shoes.

The little black dress with black strapless high heel shoes is a classic combination, but don’t shy away from low heals and sandals. The whole idea is to have fun with your shoe selection. Ask friends or sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect shoe for the style of your little black dress.

6. Pins and brooches.

Many consider the broach to be the domain of old ladies, but a broach worn correctly is not out-dated at all. Consider wearing a simple pin or broach on your dress. The broach can be color coordinated with other jewelry or add a bit of colour. Depending on the neckline, the broach might change the contour of the neckline making it a completely different dress for daytime.

7. Hair.

You might not think of hair as an accessory; however the perfect hair-do and hair accessories make or break a style. For evening wear a glossy bob or bun with a metallic hair piece creates that classy evening look. Daytime might dictate straightened hair or a funky hair style might prove more modern for informal parties.

People often shy away from accessorizing their perfect dress, but your little black dress does not have to be boring anymore. When picking your dress extras, consider the occasion before selecting your accessories. What looks fun for an evening social may be inappropriate for a day time social. If you run into a creative black wall, ask friends for advice and above all, have fun creating your updated black dress look.

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