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During a pedicure, the feet are soaked, excess dead skin is removed, nails are trimmed and cleaned, and the feet and legs are massaged. Nails are inspected to avoid other problems. Pedicurists inspect feet for hangnails, ingrown nails and other nail problems. Pedicures may beautify women’s feet with all the extras, but pedicures provide many other benefits.

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Most people are unaware of the total body health pedicures can promote. Pedicures beautify the nails and feet, but they are essential to feet health and help the body’s overall health. Pedicures prevent foot odor, nail diseases, sores, foot fungus, nail fungus and several other problems. Removal of dead skin from the bottom of feet prevents bunions and corns from forming. Infections are warded off because the dead skin is removed from the healthier skin beneath it. For this reason, pedicures promote skin integrity. Skin integrity on the entire body is essential. It’s important to make sure the entire body is healthy as well. Take time to visit places, like UFirst Rejuvenation Center, to ensure maximum health.

Stress is another reason that pedicures are vital to health. Stress is responsible for most diseases in the body. Pedicures promote the body’s health indirectly by ridding of stress. Feet are soaked in warm and soothing water. In addition to the feet and calves being massaged, clients generally sit in massage chairs. These factors and the knowledge that the body is being cared for allow for the ultimate in relaxation. A woman only has one body. She either embraces it with love or she ignores it.

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