Matching Your Sweet 16 Dress to Your Style of Party

Matching Your Sweet 16 Dress to Your Style of Party

Turning 16 years old is something that most American youth look forward to. This age typically means that many will be entrusted with keys to a vehicle and allowed to drive alone. In some American cultures, parents see the age of 16 as being an appropriate age to start dating. Both driving and dating signal a willingness on the part of the parents to trust that 16 year olds are old enough to be responsible in many different types of situations.

Matching Your Sweet 16 Dress to Your Style of Party

A sweet 16 birthday party is a great way for parents to help their teen celebrate the new phase of life they will be entering. Typically, this type of party is thrown for females and is planned for weeks or months in advance. The party planning generally covers general theme, decor, level of formality and a guest list. One important piece to the party planning is finding sweet 16 dresses that match the theme and level of activity at the party. Here are a few different party/dress combinations.

A formal style sweet 16 party has historically been the type that many parents want for their daughter. At this type of party, guests are invited who are friends of the teen as well as older friends of the parents. There is often a point in the evening during which the teen is formally presented to all of the guests. This type of party generally features finger foods, classical music and muted tones in conversation. For a formal party, one should search for a floor length gown that helps the teen look the part of grown up. Strapless gowns may be just right for this type of setting.

Club Style
On the opposite end of the spectrum is a club style sweet 16 party. This type features loud music, strobe lights and possibly some dry ice smoke to add to the decor. Guests for this type of party are generally male and female friends of the teen celebrating a birthday. Snacks, chips and sodas are provided as an energy source for the groups that seem to never get enough of dancing. This type of party calls for a mini-dress that is comfortable and easy to move around in. Consider choosing a dress with straps so that dancing can be accomplished without fear of the dress falling.

Beach Party
Many teenage girls who live near the beach choose to celebrate their 16th birthday with a beach party. This party may begin in the early evening hours with a cook-out and a volleyball game and include a late night bonfire. A halter neck ruffled dress is the perfect selection for a beach party. Because it is easy to slip on and off, it can even be worn over a swim suit.

Back Yard
The easiest type of sweet 16 party is the back yard party. Much time and preparation can be saved by those who are willing to entertain friends and family in their own back yard. Wearing a long short dress to this type of party ensures that you have the ability to look elegant and flirty at the same time.

No matter how a sweet 16 is celebrated, make sure that the proper dress is purchased for the occasion. From a full length formal gown to a fun ruffled dress, be sure to make sweet 16 memories to last a lifetime.

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