Special Effects Makeup Techniques Beyond Horror

Makeup Artist

Many people associate going to a special FX makeup school with learning how to create creatures and gory effects for horror and sci-fi films and TV shows. And while you certainly can learn this while attending the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, that’s just a portion of the skills you’ll learn while taking special FX makeup classes here or at other schools. Many of the techniques also apply to film and TV productions of all kinds along with stage performances.

Here are a few of the non-horror techniques students learn at special FX makeup school:

Makeup Artist

Aging Makeup

Whether a person needs to play a part that is older than they are or they need to age a lifetime during the course of a movie, aging makeup is one of the most difficult techniques to get right. If done properly, the audience will never know an actor’s real age. If it’s done poorly, it’s clear that the actor is too young to play the part.


While prosthetics are used in horror and sci-fi to help create creature looks, they are also widely used in dramatic film and television production. Whether it’s giving an actor a wider nose or bigger ears, prosthetics are one way to help transform the look of an actor to become a character.

Weight Gain

A specialized use of prosthetics is to highlight a character’s weight. Applying makeup to a person’s face can make them appear to be carrying more weight. It’s a great way to help make a skinny actor appear heavier without asking them to gain additional pounds for the part.

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