So Much More Than a Dress

A little black dress, commonly referred to as an LBD, is so much more than a dress.  It is amazing how the LBD has become such a staple part of any woman’s wardrobe.  After all, it’s just black.  Sure, there may be a few little frills or colors added to it, but it remains nothing but a little piece of black cloth.  So why is this dress so special?  How come that every woman on the plant – myself included – has to have one of these little dresses in her cupboard?  Or, more commonly, a few of these dresses.

Black Isn’t a Color

You will hear this more often than you see fit, but just in case you hadn’t heard it yet, black isn’t a color.  So if it isn’t a color, then what is it?  It isn’t actually quite clear what it is, nor is there an actual agreement on whether or not it is a color.  Some people feel that because color has to be a light, thereby making white a color but black not a color.  However, if you follow people who say that color is a pigmentation but made up of molecular coloring agents, then white isn’t a color but black is.  Those who say neither white nor black is a colour say so because it is impossible to make either black or white using the primary colours of yellow, blue and red.  But what does this have to do with the LBD?

The Importance of the LBD

Black being a potential non color means it goes with absolutely everything else.  There isn’t a color or shade on the planet that doesn’t go with black.  The same can be said for white, but white has some very serious disadvantages.  First of all, you would need some very thick fabric if you want white not to be see-through.  Yes, there may be moments where you are intentionally wearing something see-through, but generally you will prefer not having all your underwear on display.  But there is something else that makes black even more special.  That is that it makes you look a whole lot slimmer.  White shows every lump and bump and if you thought the camera adds 10 pounds, you can double that by wearing a white dress.

How to Wear A LBD

For some people, the downside of wearing an LBD is that it can be quite bland and boring.  But that isn’t true.  You can combine it with absolutely anything to make yourself look 100% gorgeous and, most importantly of all, unique.  Think, for instance, of adding some red killer heels.  Any style of heels will do, from chunky Doctor Marten’s to pointed Jimmy Choo boots.  Make sure your makeup and accessories go with that as well.  Basically, the LBD is the largest thing you will be wearing, but it is only the backdrop of your overall look.  Where other garments draw attention to the garment, an LBD draws attention to your sexy curves and the accessories that you are wearing.  For a real sultry look, you could wear an LBD with black shiny shoes and black accessories.  Trust me, that will really get some heads turning your way and for all the right reasons.  With an LBD, anything is possible and that is precisely why every woman should have at least one LBD in her cupboard.

With dresses from, you will literally be the sexy and sophisticated belle of the ball.  Combine with some killer heels and chunky bracelets and you will certainly be the best dressed person no matter where you are.

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