Simple Home Décor to Brighten Up Your Home

Michael Dark

If your home décor is starting to look quite dull, consider changing a few of your furnishings to bring your home back to life. Don’t worry about your budget, you surely won’t be burning a hole on your wallet or emptying your bank account … little adjustments goes a really long way.

Michael Dark

Just add flowers – no one can ever go wrong with flowers, especially if it’s red roses, white tulips or pink lilies … classic, fabulous and timeless. Of course a lovely vase from Michael Dark would make the perfect finishing touch.

String Lights – the perfect product to brighten your home (literally!) … and if you’re into photography, these babies adds a beautiful bokeh effect on the background. Can easily be draped down on a wall, curtain rods or over metal railings.

Bark and Vine – keep losing your keys? Then it’s about time to try something different … wood can easily add a rustic feel with very less effort. All you have to do is add some hanging hooks, mounting nail or double sided tape and you’re all set!

Bird Cage – why not? Adding something different to your home will definitely be a game changer. Plus, it’s not for a bird … you’ll be using it as a light or candle holder! Bam.

Animal Head – yes, you read that right! But we’re not referring to the animal heads you see on cabins … more like animal head shaped out of metal, wood or styrofoam (for a cheaper alternative). Who doesn’t adore animals? Personally I would love a gold deer head in a metallic frame.

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