What To Say In A Baby Thank You Card

What To Say In A Baby Thank You Card

A new arrival is a very exciting time in anyones life. It is only right that the new parents thank their nearest and dearest for their love and support during this time as well as for any gifts they may have received. A “Baby Thank You Card” is a very popular means of doing so. Once everything has settled down, new parents can sit down and create a card online to send to their friends and family. It may sometimes be difficult for new parents to decide exactly what to say to these recipients. It can be hard to express the extent of your gratitude in one simple message. Some great messages to include are:

What To Say In A Baby Thank You Card

Thank You From Your Baby

“Thank you for supporting my Mum and Dad as I made my way into this world. I really appreciate all the gifts. I will have great fun playing with all of my toys and will look super cool in all of my new clothes. All of your lovely keepsakes will serve as great memories for me, my mum and my dad in the future”.

This is a cute message, personalised from your little one to your nearest and dearest. It is heartfelt, adorable, endearing and gives your baby a little personality.

Thank You From The Family

“The Keenan family- Tom, Caroline and Ben – would like to thank you for your heartfelt messages, kindness and loving support as we welcome our wonderful new addition”.

This is a more formal message, officially introducing your baby as an official member of your family. A more formal message could be used for Thank You cards to colleagues or distant family members.

Thank Your From Team “Enter Surname”

“Team Keenan is now complete! We would like to send a huge thank you to all of our supporters as we introduced our newest addition to our family unit”.

This is a more informal, light-hearted message, perfect for family and friends. There is playful use of the word “team”, mentioning your friends and family as “supporters” of the new team, the family unit.

A Poetic Message

“Someone brilliant, cute and sweet, has come and made our life complete. We thank you all for your support along the way, for the love and kindness provided every day. We thank you for the best wishes and thoughts, and for all of the beautiful gifts you bought.”

A poetic message can add a touching effect to a Baby Thank You Card as it adds an element of thoughtfulness and a powerful, meaningful message.

An Invitation of Sorts

“Baby James would like to thank you all for your wonderful gifts, kind words and support. He looks forward to meeting you in person for cuddles and kisses”.

This kind of message not only thanks the recipient for their efforts and presents, but invites them to meet the new arrival in person. Such a gesture would be appreciated by friends, family and colleagues, who will undoubtedly be dying for the opportunity to meet your new bundle of joy.

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