What Your Prom Dress Says About You

What Your Prom Dress Says About You

For many girls, prom dress shopping is a lot of fun. Prom is a great opportunity to dress up and really look your best for one night out of the year. Prom dresses come in every style imaginable, and every color of the rainbow. If you have not begun the shopping experience with an idea of the dress you are looking for already in mind, you may find sorting through the various gowns a little intimidating. While sifting through the racks of chic short white dresses and vampy flowing red gowns, consider this guide to what the color of your prom dress says about you.

What Your Prom Dress Says About You

White prom dresses are cool and sophisticated, but they can be a little difficult to pull off. Avoid white dresses that are overly embellished to keep from looking like you’re at a wedding, and consider adding colorful accessories like evening bags to give your overall look a pop of color. White dresses make you look independent and chic, so they are a great choice if you are going solo or with a group of friends rather than a date.

Black dresses are mysterious, arty, and very intense. They can look either very modern or like a romantic gothic fairy tale depending on the cut and your overall styling, but they are almost always part of a classic and versatile look. Like with white dresses, consider adding a pop of color in the form of a bright bag or pair of shoes. However, head to toe black can also look quite dramatic on the dance floor.

Bright and Bold
Brightly colored dresses are classic styles for prom, and you generally can’t go wrong picking a dress in your favorite fun hue. Red, blue, pink, or purple dresses with beading or other embellishments say that you are at prom to look your best and have fun.

Pastel dresses are the softer versions of brightly colored prom dress classics. They tend to look more romantic and ethereal, especially when they have a long full skirt and plenty of ruffles. Choose one of these colors if you want to look like the princess you know you are deep down.

Metallic dresses are ones that are gold, silver, bronze and similar colors. Gowns in these shades are staples on the red carpet, so choose one of them if you want to look like a celebrity for the night. If you decide to wear a metallic dress, keep your accessories simple since a little sparkle goes a long way.

Print dresses come in animal, floral, abstract, or other patterns. These dresses are bold and eye-catching, so choose one of them for prom if you don’t mind being the center of attention. Bright and complex prints tell everyone that you love style, are confident, and you don’t mind taking risks in your wardrobe or the rest of your life.

There is no perfect prom dress for everyone, but if you take into account your personal style and what you like to wear, you can more easily find the perfect dresses, shoes, jewelry, and evening bags for you.

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