Parisian style clothing for Christmas

Are you tired of wearing the same style over and over again? If yes, then donning a different style this Christmas would be a really perfect gift for yourself. A lot of people are very comfortable donning on casual style in the most important holiday of the year. If you wish to make Christmas a lot more special this year, one good way to do this is to dress up in a nicer and more stylish attire this holiday.

One of the most forgotten but still stylish trend is the Parisian style of clothing. This style is classic, chic, convenient yet elegant. Just the perfect Christmas time outfit for all the women out there. Here are some great ideas on how you can dress for Christmas the Parisian way with a few key pieces from Bon Prix.

» Bon prix Collection Polo Neck Jumper, 14.99 USD –
This polo neck jumper is an amazingly warm polo jumper which features a ribbed polo neck collar. How adorable are those knitted patterns? Plus, this polo neck jumper will be a perfect fit for everyone! Colors of this neck jumper are black and green. If you wish to wear something Parisian, loud and vibrant colors like green is not highly recommended. This is why you would go better wearing the black one. This 100% acrylic polo neck jumper will keep you warm and stylish this Christmas season.

» Bon prix Light Sheering Style Jacket, 59.99 USD –
Winter is the perfect time to don those traditional stye duffel jacket. Sadly, most of the jacket that we have nowadays are quite masculine and unstylish. This Bon prix light sheering style jacket will be a cut above the rest with its duffle buttons and faux sheepskin trim. Colors of this jacket are brown and tan. For the best look, the tan shade is highly recommended.

» Topshop Moto Washed Black Baxter Jeans –
Of course, a perfect pair of skinny jeans is what you need to complete your Parisian Christmas Outfit. This jeans feature authentic trims as well as 5 pocket details. It is not only stylish; it is functional as well!

» ASOS Oversized Pom Beanie –
We all know that French people like donning on different head pieces. What makes this beanie Parisian is its oversized pom pom detailing. This ribbed chunky knit beanie also features a traditional shape, making it very versatile to match with.

» ASOS Amigo Leather Ankle Boots –
Of course, a feminine footwear is what you need to complete this look. The stacked heel of this boots is not only stylish but convenient as well. The slim platform sole makes it very fashionable and adds a classic touch to the whole outfit.

Dressing for Christmas need not be boring! If you are already bored of your usual Christmas outfits, then wearing Bon Prix is going to be your salvation! You can now rock the Parisian style with the help of affordable yet stylish pieces from Bon Prix that you will surely adore!

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