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fashion marketing

Getting a clear and concise message across to current and potential customers in the form of marketing and branding is really important in today’s competitive economic climate. Keeping to a recognisable logo or theme in the form of corporate wear, that links into the rest of the marketing strategy of a business is vital. Providing employees and volunteers with embroidered clothing such as uniforms and clients with promotional accessories, offers maximum exposure for the organisation. Embroidered clothes such as staff uniforms with company crest or marketing strap-line, will ensure that visually the brand and the name is kept at the forefront of the paying customers mind.

fashion marketing

Investing in embroidered clothing such as canvas caps or printed t-shirts that promote the business can be an excellent marketing idea which allows the customer to be a free ambassador of the product or service being promoted. Investing in items that are well made and will last, ensures customers identify good quality items with the business. Ensuring the embroidered and printed clothes used for promotion are relevant to the customer base the business wants to reach is vital. The older consumer group may prefer the sun visors or cotton twill canvas hats rather than the beanie for example, and a younger demographic are more likely to wear a vest or teeshirt. It is also important that the contact details or company strap-line are included in the embroidery, in eye catching colours. Customers are more likely to use the clothing on a regular basis, which ensures maximum marketing reach.

For other organisations such as educational facilities or not for profit groups, providing embroidered clothing for staff, participants and helpers offers a clearly identifiable uniform approach. College logos or school crests can be added to formal uniform wear, as well as sweatshirts or polo shirts for sports events. Out of school activities such as chess clubs or athlete programmes can have the same detailing added to tee shirts or fleeces, for optimum impact and branding.

For staff who go out and about, even when uniforms are worn as personal protective clothing such as high visibility vests or quilted vests for those working in cold temperatures, it helps members of the public identify them with a company if they are wearing embroidered clothing. Along with personal ID, this can also offer a sense of security, particularly if the staff member then has to work in people’s homes, for example telephone or gas engineers.

In the corporate world, front of house staff wearing business uniforms with embroidered logos and branding present a professional smart image to anyone walking in through the door of the organisation. When this image is carried through to those working behind the scenes, with embroidered or printed aprons for chefs and servers of food and drink, or office workers with company shirts and tops, this creates a favourable visible reminder of the firm and its attention to detail. The same occurs for travelling staff who are out and about and it also ensures that employees feel valued and part of the company team.

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