Tips That Will Keep a Mens Leather Satchel in Good Condition

Tips That Will Keep a Mens Leather Satchel in Good Condition

While leather is a luxurious and much sought after material for bags, shoes, wallets and other ready-to-wear pieces, it is not free from becoming damaged. Leather accessories can deteriorate if one does not take the very best care of them. For example, one cannot simply wear a mens leather satchel and expect it to remain in good condition without taking some extra steps to care for it properly. The following are some tips that will help any leather satchel owner keep their bag in the best condition.

Tips That Will Keep a Mens Leather Satchel in Good Condition

Keeping it Cool and Moist
One of the first things to keep in mind as a leather satchel owner is that heat and sun can damage the leather. It is a very durable material, but is unfortunately not heat proof. When a leather bag sits directly in the sunlight, it can become discolored. Additionally, the leather becomes dry when it sits in the heat of the sun. When leather is dry, it tends to crack, leaving the owner with a bag that begins to fall apart. In order to avoid any of these issues, a leather satchel owner can store his bag away from windows and heater vents. Keeping the bag in a closet or underneath a desk is a good way to ensure that the sunlight will not damage it.

Keeping the bag moist with leather-specific lotion is another good way to ensure that the heat from the sun is not damaging the bag. If the satchel has experienced sun damage already, it is still important to use the leather lotion on the bag to prevent further damage.

Keeping it Clean
It is important to keep a mens leather satchel clean at all times. Whether that means the owner wipes it down every night after work, or that he cleans it each Saturday, it is important that it happens. For regular maintenance of the bag, a soft microfiber cloth is great for wiping off loose dirt and debris. A solution of a mild face wash and water is good for cleaning the bag a bit deeper. After any water has been used on the bag, however, it is essential that the owner follows up with leather lotion. Deeper stains such as food, blood, or ink can be cleaned in other ways. Dipping a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rubbing it on an ink stain should remove the ink. Food or blood can be cleaned with a solution of cream of tartar and lemon juice.

Keeping an Eye on It
Perhaps one of the most important steps in taking care of a leather satchel that many do not think of is keeping an eye on the bag. For an owner with kids, he should be sure that the kids are not using it as an overnight bag when they head to a sleepover. He should be careful not to store juice boxes or sticky fruit snacks inside. A professional should try to keep the bag away from the coffee maker at work, and always be sure that he doesn’t set it on something dirty in the back of a cab. Just paying a little bit more attention to the bag can prevent damage in many ways.

Any man with a nice leather satchel will want to keep it in good condition. By keeping it cool, moist, and clean, and making sure he knows where it is at all times, he will be able to enjoy the bag for much longer.

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