Interior Design – Colour Trends for 2014

Interior Design - Colour Trends for 2014

Colour is an important part of interior design, both from a fashion point of view, and for psychology and comfort. The colours that you choose for each room in your home are important because of what they say about the intended use of the room, and how they make you feel. After a year of bold and strong colours, 204 will offer a refreshing change, with pastel colours such as Placid Blue making a big comeback. Let’s take a look at the top trends going into the new year.

Interior Design - Colour Trends for 2014

Spring and Summer 2014 will be remembered for its soft, pastel palettes. Placid Blue is a beautiful, gentle colour that matches well with soft yellows, white and cream. Most designers are offering pastel palettes for this season, with serene and sensual being the key words in many catalogues, including Lenzing’s colour selection, and the offerings from Pantone. If you’ve been dreaming of a gentle, soothing new interior design, now is a good time to start shopping for the perfect set of paints.

Lenzing’s Oasis palette is perfect for a living room or a bedroom. It features radiant, sun-baked tones and soft shades that combine to create a natural, gentle but still vibrant interior design. The Sensual selection would suit a small apartment living room, and includes plenty of light colours to create a refreshing sense of space.

Autumn and Winter Characterized by Contrasts

Where pale and pastel colours seem to be the order of the day for Spring/Summer designs, the colours that designers love for Autumn and Winter are stronger, and feature a broader mixture of masculine and feminine touches. You could have a lot of fun decorating a child’s room with the bold palettes on offer for 2014. Choose from synthetic greens and bright oranges, electric blue, and strong greys.  Or, for a more mature look, mix sleek and regal purples, Sherwood green, or a vivid but not garish Jester Orange.

If Spring and Summer’s selection could be described as soft, the Autumn and Winter offerings are the exact opposite. These strong, bold colours would look great in the study, the den, or a child’s bedroom. The more rustic and mature colours will suit a period living room, or a luxurious adult bedroom.

Choose Colours You Love

Interior design is not a stiff, rigid pursuit, and the best thing about the range of colours on offer from the top designers is that you still have the freedom to choose the colours you love. Pantone’s Sensual, Intimo and Superbrights ranges include a lot of variety, so you don’t have to limit yourself to pure pastels or simple synthetics.

Choose the colours and styles you love, and show off your own sense of what looks good, whether that’s minimalistic, two-tone, bold, bright, synthetic or earthy. Remember that you are the one who will be living in your home, so you should design for yourself, not House and Home magazine!

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