How to age like a Hollywood actress – beautifully!

How to age like a Hollywood actress

When we see Hollywood actresses like Nicole Kidman, Diane Lane and Halle Berry, all of whom are over 40 but still have flawless skin and beautiful youthful appearances, we assume that it must be the work of expensive beauty creams and skilled cosmetic surgeons. However, you will actually find that the celebrity women who have aged the most gracefully have shunned face lifts, nose jobs and boob jobs in favor of more natural solutions and healthy lifestyle choices.
If you want to age as gracefully and beautifully as Hollywood’s elite, here is the insider information you need to know.

How to age like a Hollywood actress

A cocktail of shampoos

When it comes to looking younger, having lustrous, healthy looking hair can be your secret weapon. The Aussie actress and Moulin Rouge star Nicole Kidman has a couple of unusual tips up her sleeve when it comes to hair care, both involving using her favorite drinks as shampoo, as the 45-year-old has been both red and blonde throughout her career. “If you’ve got red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice,” she says “and, if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders.”

Acupuncture face lifts

Despite being 48 years old, the Unfaithful actress Diane Lane has a fresh-faced youthful look that defies her years. As well as doing yoga to keep her body fit and flexible, Diane has admitted that she regularly gets acupuncture facelifts. This procedure isn’t the most comfortable to endure, as it involves inserting super-fine needles into the face, but it does do wonders to remove laugh lines, reduce sagging and make the skin more resilient.

Super-fruit exfoliation

X-Men actress Halle Berry is 46, but she doesn’t look a day over 30. Her gorgeous glowing skin can perhaps be attributed to her number one beauty secret – exfoliating her skin with triple fruit acid cleansers and rubbing pure Vitamin C on her face, followed by moisturizer.

Maximize your moisturizing routine

The Indecent Proposal actress Demi Moore may have been rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery on her figure, with breast enlargements and liposuction being the procedures the actress is most likely to have had done, but she also has a beautifully natural complexion. Demi looks far younger than her 50 years thanks to one key beauty secret – excessive moisturizing. She says:
“I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.”

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