How I Maintain My Computer In Good Working Condition

Being a regular fashion and food blogger, quality photos are the best thing I can offer to my readers. Whether I am using my Nokia Lumia phone or my favorite DSLR camera, I make sure that each and every moment or scene I will capture is of great quality before uploading it to my blogs or social media accounts. If ever there is minor adjustment to be made, I simply edit the photos on my computer using my choice of an image editing software.

Doing this kind of routine, transferring of photos from phone to computer, editing the photos via image editing software then uploading it to my social media accounts and blogs can sometimes slow down my computer’s performance. In fact, there are a few times I have encountered mishaps on my old computer. For instance, just when I am in the middle of editing photos or transferring data, my old computer starts acting weird as if it’s going to crash, which is quite annoying and scary. As we all know, computer is the best and most important tool a blogger must have. Not having a reliable computer is the worst situation a blogger could be at, as we all work online.

I never gave it much attention before but I have learned my lessons now from my old experiences. Truth be told … the hard way. Now that I am using a new laptop, I made sure I have the right tool to help maintain my computer in good and working condition. From my personal preference I prefer to resort to an all in one reliable tool. The most important detail I love the most about all in one program is that it helps me diagnose and correct any problem my computer encounters. If there’s anything that may need more attention to, it analyzes it for me and let me know what further steps need to be taken.

With the above mentioned tool, I no longer find myself worrying too much of any possible PC issues I may encounter. Needless to say, I can leave my computer (with transfer, saving and uploading process on-going) while I take care of some other task at home. Overall, it gives me an extra time to do other things without having to watch over my upload or transfer. Gone are the days that I have to carefully spot over my activity so I can make sure all my transfer or upload are successful. If you’re having the same issues like I used to, it’s about time you start looking into further options to avoid data loss. It’s not like I’m a computer specialist who can simply deal with hardware and software related matter. Hope y’all find this post interesting and worth the read. Until next! xx

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