Why a Good Massage Depends on More Than the Masseuse


When somebody decides they need to take one for the home team and call in for a personal day, one of the most popular ways to enjoy it is with a day at the spa. And perhaps the biggest allure to doing that is enjoying a massage. But besides the masseuse’s talent, why are these so relaxing?

One answer rests in the comfort and support products used to help put you at ease. The real goal of massage cushions and supports is to concoct a suspended experience where the only stimulation you’re aware of is the pressure and release of your muscles and joints being worked and relaxed.


The most important piece of equipment is the table where the massage takes place, and the most important part of that table is its comfort layer, which needs to provide support that holds the body in alignment, while also offering softness that allows the recipient to comfortably rest there for an extended period of time. High-end tables are engineered to include this balance, while others can achieve a similar feel by adding comfort layers that soften harder surfaces.

Pillows are the other major factor in comfort during a massage, which has prompted the introduction of one of the most unique pillows on the market. Massage pillows are iconic, with their ring-style shape that features a center cutout to let people rest on their stomachs without having to twist and torque their necks, all while maintaining easy breathing. Without these accessories, something like massage wouldn’t be nearly as relaxing and effective as it is.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for comfort products, including table padding and the face pillow products, great for massage.

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