Facial Makeup Tips – Some Important Ones

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

Makeup enhances your beauty of features, increases your outlook and hides the flaws on your face. It helps you give a natural and beautiful look and once you get to know the art of makeup, you can do it whenever you are in need to enhance your beauty. Makeup helps you to look stunning all the time and every woman wants to look her best. Makeup is not just used to awe everyone but it is also used to give you a boost of confidence.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

However makeup involves lots of tricks and techniques in order to give a natural look and enhancing your outlook. Some women have scars blemishes and other skin flaws which they want to hide and that is very much possible by makeup. Skillful makeup also means that you are taking care of yourself and giving each features of yours equal attention.

There are some tips and guidelines for perfect makeup which would want to make you look beautiful and stunning. These tips are extremely useful to start practicing how to do makeup. They are given as follow …


1.  Foundation is the first and foremost important thing to be applied on the skin. The foundation should be of the right shade and color and that is why it should be chose with great care. If the foundation is of a lighter color than your skin tone, it makes it look like painted and therefore you fail to get the natural look. While choosing foundation, ensure it is a good brand and it blends in your skin tone and comes out naturally.

2.  Using natural makeup is the key. Dark makeup looks overly, gaudy and artificial. Blush on is important to be used when you are getting make up on and it should be a natural color. If the blush on is extremely dark or bright, it might make you look like a clown. Use blush on shade that gives your skin a flushed, healthy and glowing look.

3.  Earthy tones for your eyes makes your eyes look bigger, natural and so much nicer. It also gives a sober look. Using colors can be good sometimes but when it is everyday makeup, using colors like beige, golds, and browns looks amazing.

4.  Use lip color that is natural. Using peach, pink, earthy shades of brown makes your makeup look so complete and nice! However those who use purples, magentas do not get the kind of look. Use a low gloss to enhance the lip color.

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