Don’t let a handbag steal a good night out

While nobody likes to think badly of fellow commuters and party-goers, unfortunately there are plenty of light fingered individuals around. To make sure that the only mishaps in your day are delayed trains and a few too many at happy hour, follow these handy tips.

Choice of bag
An attractive handbag does not mean an impractical handbag by any means. However, some handbags are safer than others. A clutch bag can be safer, for example, than a tote bag hung off one shoulder. A clutch can be kept in the owner’s hand, and is very difficult for a pickpocket to enter without drawing attention. By contrast, a tote bag can often be cut open with ease or grabbed easily, even off your shoulder.

A structured and fabulous clutch would be great for a night out, while a deep handbag with a short strap for transporting daily essentials is perfect for the day.

Keep your handbag within sight
Sometimes it’s not the handbag that catches a thief’s attention but its owner. It’s easy to get distracted whether you’re on the morning commute or out at night. Treat your bag like a prized possession. Sleep on it, stand on it, wave it above the crowd – just don’t let it out of sight!

Contents (of your handbag) insurance
Just in case the unimaginable happens, make sure your most expensive possessions are covered. Most phone companies now offer insurance with a phone package so it might be a wise idea to invest. While it’s still inconvenient to replace, a small amount of extra expenditure a month is nothing in comparison to the loss of an expensive phone.

Label it
Lastly, label valuables with a name and address using an invisible marker pen and the inside of your bag with a marker pen. A variety of “tracker apps” are also now available on phones, so get downloading and stay ahead of the thieves.

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