Some of the Best Windows Phones

Apple changed the game with the release of the iPhone, immediately catapulting themselves to the front of the mobile technology conversation. Google’s Android is similarly positioned as one of the most widely used platforms for mobile communication.  Between the two options, Apple and Android cover the lion’s share of the mobile market.  Microsoft and Blackberry continue to jockey for long-term positioning, with the computing giant poised to take a swipe at the business-based Blackberry brand which enjoys high-levels of recognition in some business environments.

Some of the Best Windows Phones

Microsoft’s approach includes two very real developments, which boost their potential to compete against other seemingly invincible players in the world of smartphones and mobile technology.  Not only did the company introduce the advanced Windows Phone 8, but the global giant also entered into a prestigious partnership with electronics firm Nokia; bringing a number of highly functional handsets to the smartphone market.  The operating system itself is a major upgrade for users, enhancing the Windows Phone experience for a larger potential audience.  The devices themselves furnish support for the platform at just the right time, furnishing access to phones that are offered at lower price points than some of the more familiar models like iPhone and Android.

In addition to the worthy hardware offered by Nokia, other manufacturers have stepped in to the Windows phone marketplace, offering their own versions of compatible handsets.  Samsung, for example, promotes Windows Phones, as well as other large-scale electronics manufacturers. iPhone and Android continue to dominate in terms of recognition and staying-power, but the upstart Windows effort carries some distinct advantages over the more recognizable brands.

The phones are customizable, but not quite as many apps exist for them as other platforms.  Android, for example, dominates in terms of customizable features available for their phones.  On the other hand, Windows Phones offer greater flexibility than the levels of customization made available to iPhone users.

Windows Phones are just getting started in a competitive market, so they should not be expected to keep pace with the stalwarts immediately. Advances are continuing, however; so there is no reason to think functionality and customization will not continue to be enhanced in the future.  Higher numbers of apps and user-friendly features, for example, continue to draw users to Windows Phones; especially those buyers seeking budget-priced entry-level models, which Windows is particularly adept at marketing.  The market is always changing, but here are a few of the best

Windows Phones:
Nokia Lumia 1020 – This media-savvy model is so advanced, with a dual core processor, it is known for some of its photographic features more than its utility as a smartphone.  The 41 mega-pixel camera on board, for instance, captures image quality on-par with some decent digital cameras.  Two gigs of RAM and 32GB are ample for most users, making this a good choice for general use and capturing images.

Nokia Lumia 625 – A budget unit laden with features, the 625 comes with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM. The camera features on this model are also respectable, though not as grand as those found on the 1020.  Still, 4G connectivity and expandable memory make this a worthy piece of hardware for budget-conscious users.

HTC Windows Phone 8S – This non-Nokia phone runs the Windows OS without glitches, using its 512MB of ram and 4G of internal storage capacity. The functional handset provides a worthy mid-level option for users seeking affordable, yet comprehensive connectivity and computing resources.

Nokia Lumia 1520 – This advanced option carries a near tablet-sized screen, with full HD and excellent capabilities.  The 2.2 GHz quad-core processor sets a high standard, which this unit maintains in all its other features, as well.

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