Put Your Best Smile Forward

Perfect Smile, Perfect Teeth

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, nothing is more important than a healthy smile. A good smile is key to looking attractive, promoting self-esteem and boosting health.

A Brief History of Dental Health

Since as recent as fifty years ago, Americans have been making leaps and bounds in dental care. These advances have resulted from years of research and careful implementation of procedures and routine cleanings.

Why Does It Matter?

Those of us with healthy gums and teeth take our health for granted. Without good oral health, we could suffer from toothaches, bad breath (a major buzz-kill on dates), devastating gum disease, general discomfort and even death in extreme cases! Furthermore, poor oral health can prevent you from smelling, tasting and even smiling correctly.

Perfect Smile, Perfect Teeth

How Do I Maintain Dental Health?

Your ticket to to sparkling teeth and healthy gums lies in your daily hygiene routine. Brushing thoroughly, flossing regularly and utilizing mouthwash can prevent many dental problems. Often, our normal behaviors can affect our oral health. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee over an extended period of time can yellow our teeth. Alcohol can weaken our bodies, making infections more common through the gums. And above all, tobacco can not only yellow your teeth, but it can cause painful mouth cancer. Eat healthy foods, clean your teeth often and you will never have to worry about having dental issues.

Dentists are Scary, Aren’t They?

While the idea of going to a dental office may send you running for the hills, the truth is your dental service providers spend years in highly specialized training to not only understand and learn about dental medicine, they do their best to ensure that their patients, from medical school and beyond, are comfortable and feel safe. Remember: dentists are there to help you, not to hurt you. Conversely, not going to the dentist regularly will bring more pain and discomfort!

Let’s Review!

1. Dentists are not scary
2. Clean your teeth and gums regularly
3. Visit with your dentist often to get the care you need
4. Healthy teeth and gums means a Beautiful You!

For those of you in the area, there is a family Virginia Beach Dentist, Schrumpf & Herman Family Dentistry, which has been helping families and individuals with their dental care since 1983.

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