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America has lived in a mobile society for many years, but only recently has some areas of technology caught up with its on-the-move mindset. Products finally became available for hanging pictures without making messy holes or causing damage to walls. For people whose careers have them moving up and onward to new cities, they don’t have to worry about losing rent deposits or depreciation on their homes due to damaged walls.

Innovative minds have now developed stronger, progressive adhesives for heavier items like shelves and drying rods that also do not cause damage to surfaces. In addition to what was once considered futuristic engineering, the adhesives are strong enough to support items made from materials other than plastic or other lightweight material. For example, high humidity bathrooms can be updated with sturdy, rust free stainless steel accessories for hanging towels, toilet paper, and curtains. Shelves can be added wherever they look best without worrying if a stud is in place to drill a hole.

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Stainless steel is a steel alloy with at least 10.9% chromium. The higher the chromium level, the greater its rust resistant properties. Attractive pieces can be created from stainless steel that beautify and complement almost decor. For example, Zack stainless steel accessories are useful hardware and can be applied to load bearing walls or surfaces with no drill holes or mounting hardware.

No matter how often a person or family makes a move to a new place, upgrading and adding individualism is part of the process. However, if the plan isn’t to stay in one place for any length of time, stainless steel accessories can harmonize with almost any home decorating theme nor does quality have to be sacrificed.

If you have moved, or plan to move, consider investing in quality stainless steel hardware for your bathroom that uses progressive adhesive for mounting. Even if you aren’t planning to move for some time or have already established your home for the long-term, progressive adhesive allows you to mount shelves and other items without concern of available studs on sturdy walls and surfaces.

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