Accessories That Last A Lifetime!

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Keeping up with what is new, hip and trendy in the fashion scene can be challenging and expensive. Personally, I don’t ever resort into purchasing expensive clothing and accessories just to get by. When it comes to looking on point and up to date with the latest, my motto in life is simple … shop for timeless accessories that I can mix and match that will last a lifetime.

The way I see fashion, it always ends up making it come back after hitting its glory. Simply put, all things will have it comeback and if accessories are well cared for … you can guarantee it won’t fade in 10 years time or so. Check out my top 3 timeless pieces:

Optical Express

On top of my list are sunglasses. Not only does it make me look chic and fashionable, it also keeps my eyes protected from the sun and gust. I have such terrible eyesight ever since I was young … thus making me more cautious when it comes to protecting my eyes. Someday I know I’ll have 20/20 vision because companies like Optical Express continue to work hard for solutions to correct poor vision.

Bag, Satchels and Purses will always be included on my list. The way a bag is made, designed and colored can immediately add an impact to a person’s overall look. Need to look professional? Choose a minimalistic design, black in shade with very minute detail that will surely leave a great first impression. Going out to an event? Choose a colorful purse or a glitzy one. That will surely leave a fashion-forward opinion of the wearer.

Last but will never be the least would be jewelry. They will always be on trend and will never ever go out of style. Can you imagine anyone saying … oh, that Tiffany is so yesterday! — definitely not. That’s because it is a Tiffany and anyone who is into fashion and styling will never ever say anything as such.

Accessories plays a big role when making or breaking one’s overall look. Need a good tip when it comes to accessorizing? Less will always be more. Following the few tips and pointers I have shared on this post should be a good start to keep y’all on track and always trendy. Happy shopping.

Angela Bethea is the Lifestyle blogger behind this blog ... loves the finer things in life and a certified shop-a-holic and a jet-setter. If not behind her laptop to blog, she's most definitely shopping or traveling.

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