6 Tips For a Successful Yard Sale

6 Tips For a Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales can be a fantastic way to get rid of clutter while putting some extra money in your pocket. Like anything else, the more carefully you plan a yard sale, the more likely it will be successful. Here are some tips for having a garage or yard sale that attracts lots of buyers.

Promote Your Yard Sale Far and Wide

Promotion has a lot to do with the success of a yard sale. If you’re in a busy location, you will probably attract some spontaneous customers. No matter where you are, however, if you advertise you will generate more interest. Some people actively seek out yard sales and will make a special trip to see what you have.

You can advertise your yard sale in several ways. Make flyers and hang them up around the neighborhood. Tell everyone you know to get some word of mouth interest. Don’t forget to advertise on Craigslist. The more specific you are about what you’re selling, the better your chances of attracting paying customers. Placing some photos on Instagram can also be very helpful.

Arrange Everything in an Appealing Way

Your yard sale will be more attractive to people if everything is well organized as opposed to lying in random piles on the lawn. Do your best to place items in different areas based on category, such as clothing, electronics, books, cookware or whatever you may be selling. Placing the largest and most impressive items closer to the street is another trick to get people to slow down and take a look.

6 Tips For a Successful Yard Sale

Price Everything as Low as Possible

Remember that people go to yard sales to find bargains. They also feel more comfortable when items have price tags. It’s a good idea to price as much as you can. The lower the prices, the more easily you will get rid of stuff. You should also, however, leave some room for haggling. Hardcore yard sale buyers are accustomed to bargaining for items and won’t feel satisfied if they haven’t gotten something off the original asking price. If your goal is to lighten your load and take in some cash, it’s best to be flexible with your prices.

Have a Free Section

A free section that’s clearly visible from the road gives people another reason to stop and look around. This is also a chance to get rid of more items that people might not be willing to pay for. When someone stops to check out your free stuff, they are also likely to take a look at what you’re selling as well.

Plan a Multifamily Yard Sale

Another tactic to get more attention to a yard sale is to collaborate with your neighbors. A group yard sale can bring lots of traffic to a neighborhood. This will make it more of an event, making it worth people’s while to travel from further distances to see what’s available. Your neighbors can help you promote the event as well.

Schedule Your Yard Sale Over a Long Weekend

Three-day weekends are the best times to hold yard sales. These are traditionally busy weekends for yard sales, so people will be seeking them out. If you live in an area that attracts tourists, there will also be more out-of-towners around on a long weekend.

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