5 Tips for Buying Bridge Cranes

bridge crane

Name any size, color or style, and a bridge crane probably comes in it. But what if you aren’t sure how to choose between them? What if you’ve never purchased a bridge crane before? Here are just a few tips for making the process a little easier.

1. Think About Workplace Regulations
Many cranes come in yellow for safety and visibility reasons, but if you’re working on a special task or construction project, your regulations might be a little different. Talk to your supervisor about the proper colors, logos and warning stickers needed for your bridge crane. You don’t want to wind up returning it because it isn’t suitable for your workplace.

2. Know Your Specs
How big does the crane need to be? Are there any specific heights, lengths, widths or weights that need to be taken into account? What about things like speed and energy efficiency? Put together a list of these numbers before you start shopping. The more prepared you are with the details, the better a salesperson or crane company representative can help you.

bridge crane

3. Determine the Right Model Type
Jib cranes are different than gantry cranes, and gantry cranes are different than single- or double-girder cranes. Whether you’re looking for ground cranes or overhead bridge cranes, make sure you’re shopping in the right section if you want to save yourself time and stress down the line.

4. Research Brands
There are several “big names” in crane manufacturing, but don’t feel beholden to them if you don’t like what they have to offer. Independent sellers often have the same kinds of products for a fraction of the cost, so as long as the crane in question meets your workplace criteria, there’s no need to be wary of buying from a lesser-known seller.

5. Check Customer Feedback
What do previous buyers have to say about the crane? Did it meet all of their expectations? Were they overcharged or underhandedly billed for something the company didn’t explain? Customer reviews are usually the most honest feedback you can receive about a product before you actually buy it, so browse them carefully and take notes.

These are just five tips for buying bridge cranes. For more information, including how to purchase them, check out sites like ProservAnchor.com. They’ll help you figure out what kind of crane you need and how to get it shipped to you.

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