5 Biggest No-No Beauty Rituals Before a Date

When getting ready for a date, lots of women spend practically hours upon hours preparing and prepping themselves. They might be tempted to engage in some of the following beauty rituals, but it’s best to leave these ones for another time.

Grooming Your Eyebrows

Yes, most women want to ensure that they have pretty little eyebrows on their date. However, right before the date is not the time to take care of this issue. Waxing and threading can leave some serious red marks on your skin, and these could take a couple of days to go away. Tweezing is a little bit less intense than the two other methods, but it still has the ability to leave a few unsightly imprints. Take care of this grooming a few days in advance.

Facial Hair Removal

This problem is one that a lot of women do experience, but some of them may not want to admit it. Using harsh depilatories can absolutely leave marks on your skin, and it might even cause you to bleed. As mentioned above, other methods of hair removal have the same potential results. Of course, if you have been using a regime at home and it doesn’t irritate you, that’s fine.

Don’t Try Anything Brand New

Whether we are discussing tools discussed to remove hair from your body or new types of foundation, you really do not want to use anything like this before your date. No matter what sort of product you are using, your skin could have an allergic reaction to it, or the colour might do something funny after just a few hours. Always try our new products well in advance of important dates or outings, so you know how your skin reacts.

Dyeing Your Hair

Going out on a date with a hot new hair colour might seem like an excellent idea at first; however, it’s not wise to do on the same day as the date. When you colour your hair at home, the initial shade is usually more intense than it is going to turn out to be. After a few shampoos, it will start to fade. On top of having a shade that is a bit too bright, the dyeing process could not wind up working out well. Instead of becoming a beautiful blonde, you might have hair that is an array of deep reds and carrot oranges.

Doing Your Nails…Right Before

Sure, nothing is wrong with getting a manicure and pedicure earlier in the day, but you don’t want to race through and put a colour on your nails right before the date. Doing so practically promises that it’s not going to dry, and you’re going to have a smashed up shade that leaves a mark on practically everything that you touch.

Getting ready for a date certainly requires a beauty regime, but do not make any of these mistakes before you go out.

Written by Sonya Kelsy: Sonya Kelsy works in a cosmetic surgery clinic in Los Angeles. She has been performing botox surgery for five years and she also recommends the injection of botox for sweating less excessively.

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