The 4 Hottest Materials For DIY Lingerie

DIY Lingerie

Making your own clothes has become more and more popular in recent years, with more and more bright young women turning to sewing machines and patterns in order to make their own garments. Not only does this enable them to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind styles, but they can save a lot of money by not shopping for clothing in stores and instead creating their own pieces.

Many amateur seamstresses are now dipping their toes into creating their own lingerie. Lingerie can be tricky, but if you can master making it on your own, the results are stunning. If you are creating your own first lingerie set, here are four of the hottest materials to include in your new project.

Look for feathers for sale if you want to truly make a seductive item. Feathers are timeless and sensual and give DIY lingerie pieces a unique, retro edge. While working with feathers can be tricky, they are easily adhered to pieces with fabric glue and are a breeze once you get the hang of them.

Sequins and rhinestones can really add glam to lingerie. Much like feathers, they are attached to pieces using fabric glue rather than by stitching. Although creating these sparkly lingerie sets can be time-consuming, the results are extremely glamorous.

DIY Lingerie

Lace lingerie is a timeless classic. Invest in lace in your color of choice and use it to create a stunning and sensual item. Just keep in mind that lace is very delicate and requires patience to work with on a sewing project.

Tassels can really give any DIY lingerie project a sexy, burlesque-inspired edge. They can be adhered with either fabric adhesive or by stitching. This is a daring choice to add to your piece and perfect for those who are creating costumes for burlesque or theater shows.

Creating your own lingerie doesn’t just save you money, but allows you to create pieces that are unlike anything that you could ever find in stores. If you work with any of the above materials, you can create some truly stunning designs. Learning to create your own lingerie can certainly present some learning curves, but over time, you can become a master and never spend a cent in a lingerie shop or boutique again.

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