3 Tips For Healthier Feet

healthy feet

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. It moves, carries and walks you around or bring you anywhere you wanted to go. If you have healthy feet, you are indeed lucky because not all people are blessed with it. You have to maintain it though or else it might become injured and make you unable to walk.

healthy feet

Below, I listed down my personal tips that can surely help you to maintain your feet’s healthy state. They are proven to prevent injuries, pain or even severe damage to the feet. Check them out and see if you can follow and apply some of it.

Use Foot Creams

Applying foot creams regularly is important especially if you wear socks and shoes all through out the day. Foot creams are proven to moisturize and sooth the foot skin thus preventing and even heals cracked heels, dry and itchy reddish skin and calluses. Foot experts and doctors recommend applying foot cream every after shower. Aside from the great effect on the foot, foot creams can give you also a soothing and relaxing effect that starts from your feet that will eventually spread around your body.

Use Foot Pads or Cushions

I recommend this one especially for women who usually wears high heel shoes. Wearing foot pad or cushion even there is no pain at your foot is a good way to prevent the pain from occurring. Why? Foot pads or cushions are known to lessen the pressure the foot receives when walking and moving around. By the way, there are also detoxification foot pad available at the market that soak up toxins from your body when used or applied overnight.

Get A Relaxing Foot Massage

Aside from the relaxing effect of foot massage, it also improves the blood circulation around your feet all through out your body. Massage relieves stress from your feet thus making it more capable to function at its maximum efficiency. Getting a foot massage once in a while is a must especially if you walk and move around a lot with high heel shoes or alike.

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